NautICS Materials

A 3-day design workshop applying tools and methods developed in the scope of the project ICS Materials. A set of determined scenarios, informative cards, and ideation canvas was developed and provided to a multidisciplinary class of students (design, engineering and architecture background) to understand existing ics materials and ideate new ones to describe and apply in a yacht design project. In partnership with MYD Master in Yacht Design, Poli.Design. May 2018.

By Andrea Ratti, Arianna Bionda, and Stefano Parisi.








Materials Experiences for Adaptive cities

A 2-day design workshop with Industrial Design and Interaction Design students of ZhDK Zurich University of the Arts with the aim to explore the potentials of ICS Materials as speculative materials for future adaptive cities. In collaboration with IAD Interaction Design at ZhDK, in the scope of the workshop “Adaptive City” held by Karmen Franinovic. October 2017.

By Valentina Rognoli, Camilo Ayala, Stefano Parisi. With Manuela Celi.

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